A true proven growth sire that adds length, size, and quality to any set of cows. Structurally his offspring are ideal with great feet and joint design. This makes Big Country Time progeny physically attractive as well as functional. His dam has produced many of Lassle’s top selling bulls in past years and much of the donor battery
at Lassle’s traces back to her. Big Country Time himself topped the 2009 LRS sale at $12,000 and his flush was the feature and high selling group at the sale. After his first calf crop he has moved into the top 2% for both Weaning and Yearling EPD and with his high rankings for Carcass Weight, Marbling and Rib Eye he sits in the top 2% for Terminal Index of all purebred bulls evaluated. Use Big Country Time to return performance and power to many of today’s lower growth pedigrees.
Heterozygous black & heterozygous polled.


Reg#: 2446258
Breed: Simmental -PB Simmental
Color: Black
Homo BLK / Homo PLD:
Price: $15.00
Sire: HTP SVF IN DEW TIME (2285555)
Dam: LRS MS BIG COUNTRY 9 (2050458)
Owner(s): McKinley Farms, T-Heart Ranch
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